How to Install Faux Brick into Your Home

Faux brick panels are a false brick that are made to look like real bricks. The faux brick is manufactured into a lightweight material in the form of panels. It is able to come in a wide variety of different brick patterns. Even though faux brick looks like real brick, it is made to be paintable so that it can be made to match any type of decor. Faux brick has the ability to be placed over a wall or walls that are already in place or it can be placed over bare wall studs.

When placing faux brick panels in the home there are a few things you need:

  • Caulk gun
  • Level
  • Bench or table
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • Adhesive caulk tube
  • Screw gun
  • Self-threading screws
  • Color matching caulk
  • Mallet
  • Utility knife

First start by picking up the first panel and placing it against a wall where you would like to put it. Level it with your level, even if placing it against the ceiling, as some ceilings as well as walls are not accurately straight. Use a pencil to draw a pencil line around any of the panels corners to be used once you put the panel back up.

Once this is done, place the panel upside down agains the bench or the table and administer the adhesive to the back of the panel. Squeeze out the adhesive into long lines that are somewhat squiggly using the caulk gun as well as the adhesive caulk tube. Make sure the lines are about 8 inches apart.

Pick your panel up and press it against the wall. Line the corner up with the mark that was previously made with the pencil and check again to make sure it is level. Once all is lined up and level, press it firmly against the wall to help ensure that the adhesive grips to the wall.

Using the screw gun and the self-threading screws, drive the screws into each corner of the panel. There are attachment flaps that extend outward. These flaps allow you to be able to cover up the screws once they have been put into place. Make sure to turn the screws clockwise with the gun until they are tight.

Once all of the screws have been placed, grab another panel and place it upside down on the table or the bench. Repeat the process of the adhesive over again with this panel.

Once the adhesive has been added, put the panel up on the wall, making sure to join it with the mounted panel. All panels have ready made slots that will join together easily. Using the mallet, tap the new panel into it’s place. Smooth it down, ensuring that the adhesive will make contact. Screw the panel into the wall to secure it.

Continue repeating these steps until all of the wall has been covered with the panels. Use the utility knife to trim the edges and the corners of the panels as needed so that they fit perfectly.

The final step is to caulk all of the seams with caulk that matches the color of the brick and panels. The caulking will give an appearance of grout or a brick mortar. This also secures the panels together as well as giving it a realistic finishing look.


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